Setembro 12, 2023


Olá, this is Sarah ! September is passing by quickly, my family will arrive next week already ! I’m excited. I didn’t see my mother and […]
Setembro 7, 2023

Doing something!

I started an Infographic design for Rato-ADCC strategy for 2023~2026. It was a good experience for me to develop my design skills and knowledge, such as […]
Setembro 2, 2023

Sintra’s Enchanting Thousand Fountains

At its heart lies the mystical Thousand Fountains, an wonderland that enchanted me with its intricate design and symbolism. Mystical Gardens The gardens are a of […]
Agosto 31, 2023

Festas de Corroios

The popular celebrations of Corroios, known as ‘Festas Populares de Corroios’ in Portuguese, are taking place this week. As its name suggests, these are popular celebrations, […]
Agosto 29, 2023

Nothing much

Olá, I have absolutely nothing to talk about this week, in all honesty. I guess some weeks are like this. But it’s okay because september will […]
Agosto 23, 2023

Festa de Corroios

Olá ! It’s been two weeks since I last posted. I’ve done longer break than that so let’s ignore that fact. Festa de Corroios has started […]
Agosto 16, 2023

My journey in Hospital

I knew better days than this one, I woke up one morning with excruciating pains in the lower back and in the left arm, up to […]
Agosto 16, 2023

3 days week-end

Olá a todos, fala a Sarah ! This week-end was a long one. We had tuesday off because of the Assumption of Mary.  Before this, since […]
Agosto 11, 2023

Is the August heat in the hottest city of Europe bearable?

Last week I decided to go on a solo trip to Sevilla because I found a great deal for transportation tickets and accomodation. When my Spanish […]