Abril 1, 2020

Update on my state on mind three months after the project.

Ola, chamo- me Laurane, sou da Franca e tenho dezoito anos. Eu trabalho com computadores na Rato – ADCC e escrivo para o blogo. Eu gosto […]
Março 31, 2020

How I fought against my shyness

Hello, world! I hope you’re okay! The subject I’m highlighting today is how I improved my shyness during my whole week in schools to do workshops. […]
Março 28, 2020

Before quarantine…

I would like to tell you about times when life looked normal. People walked the streets and smiled and all shops and restaurants were open. Now […]
Março 7, 2020


Hello, world! I hope you’re okay! The subject I’m highlighting today is my work in the organization and especially the workshops I attend to.  Yesterday, I […]
Março 7, 2020

Being a Non Conformist

Each small steps start off with a little bit courage and guts.Especially,if it will be the first whatever you planing to do,it is always seems to […]
Março 6, 2020


In last week I had holidays. Although I like work, I waited for this moment. My friend came to Lisbon. It was good to see him […]
Fevereiro 21, 2020

First surfing experience

I’m in Portugal almost four monhts. I knew from the begining that i had to try surfing. However all the time I had excuses: weather was […]
Fevereiro 10, 2020

My last day in Portugal

I still remember the day that I came here just like yesterday. How fast time has passed. Honestly, before my arrival, I had some doubts in […]
Fevereiro 6, 2020

Seville, the heart of Andalusia

Ola from Seville, the heart of Andalusia! Seville was among the most beautiful cities that I wanted to travel for a long time, so I had […]