Outubro 28, 2021

Ultrapassando obstáculos

No matter where you live, life has its natural flow ups and downs. We have to keep on moving on despite all the adversities that occur. […]
Outubro 16, 2021

Costa da Caparica and surf community

Is the stunning 26km coastline of glorious sandy beaches, powerful Atlantic waves and surfers who spend a whole day to practice their passion. Someone can say […]
Outubro 13, 2021

Best time in Viseu

Viseu is a city similar to my hometown in Poland, so while driving there it seemed to me that I would probably have boring training in […]
Outubro 7, 2021


It’s been almost a half of my stay here. Time passes so fast when you experience new things every day. Besides enjoying the views and the […]
Setembro 28, 2021

Avante! Festival

Is an annual cultural festival held during the first weekend of September. It was started in 1976 by the Portuguese Communist Party and is named after […]
Setembro 28, 2021


It,s been almost 20 days since I’ve arrived in Portugal. There are many cultural differences. The one I will never accept is not eating a big […]
Setembro 28, 2021

Portugal, give me more surprises!

My stay in Portugal is coming to an end. It was going to last eight weeks. Due to various reasons, I have decided to leave Portugal […]
Setembro 21, 2021

Migration situation in Portugal

When I prepared myself to arrive to Portugal, my friends told me a lot of about what the Portuguese people are like. I could not to […]
Setembro 17, 2021

It’s not always easy.

The first two weeks seems a good time to make the first summary of what I have learned during volunteering. Is my volunteering a dream come […]