Julho 18, 2018

WHERE IS YOUR FREEDOM? (Butterflies cry too!)

I started with “Hello” it was my first word and for you too. And now I want to continue till I say goodbye with peaceful. Yesterday […]
Julho 17, 2018

Chips, tides, blocks.

Let’s return to the topic why Portugese are weirdos (in polish eyes of course). So chips. Portugese eat them with everything. With chicken, with rice, inside […]
Julho 13, 2018

Saltiness and films

Who I am and what I do in life is definitely the most vague and vague topic I can talk about. I was asked to introduce […]
Julho 12, 2018

Visitas inesperadas

Uma semana na Rato já passou, quem pode imaginar que eu já tivesse tido uma visita da Polónia – o mundo é grande e às vezes não conseguimo-nos encontrar com as pessoas […]
Julho 5, 2018

Broken luggage, culture shock and silly expectations vs great reality

I do try to travel a lot. When I hear a name of a place in my head appears countless links to different possibilities within at […]
Julho 5, 2018

Portugal – o país onde sonhos tornam-se a realidade

Olá 🙂 sou a Magda, uma polaca que chegou anteontem em Portugal. Nunca pensei que tivesse a oportunidade a trabalhar no país mais ocidental da Europa […]
Julho 5, 2018


HELLO It always starts with this word, when we try to explain our situations and express our feelings. We have to take the first step without […]
Julho 3, 2018


There is a country on the map of the world that can captivate you from the first day and at the end make you willing to […]
Junho 1, 2018


Exactly a month ago I was on my way back home from home, Portugal. I still cannot comprehend that a month has passed already. 31 days […]