Janeiro 3, 2020

Christmas in Portugal

It is already after the New Year but I would like to tell you about the adventure we had with Paulina on the Christmas. By the […]
Janeiro 2, 2020

New year in Lisbon

We all left behind 2019, which was quite long year for better or worse. Particularly, it was amazing to be here for me because I was […]
Janeiro 2, 2020

Everyday routine fever!

The New Years resolutions are pretty common, especially the “I’m going to workout and I lose weight” ones. And you know what? The monthly subsription to […]
Dezembro 27, 2019

3 Wonder of Portugal

How time flies. It’s been almost two weeks since the time of my arrival, but nothing changes because I’m still very excited about Portugal. Last weekend, […]
Dezembro 21, 2019

Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming… They are really close. This year I will spend Christmas with a Portuguese family who invited us a part of the ESN Lisboa […]
Dezembro 21, 2019

The Witcher and…

I used to read books in my free time (oh well, in my busy time too) and since I dont judge the authors by theirs origins, […]
Dezembro 17, 2019

Belém – um bairro mais charmoso de Lisboa

  Era um dia chuvoso e muito frio, não havia o que fazer em casa, mas graças à chegada de Çisil decidimos visitar a cidade e […]
Dezembro 14, 2019

Adventure in Amarante

In last week we were on EVS Camp in Amarante. It was a amazing experience! We have a lot of workshops, conference and activities with others […]
Dezembro 14, 2019

First day in Rato ADCC

    Hi everyone. After a very long trip from Istanbul to Lisbon, finally here I am. Today is my first day in Rato ADCC. I am […]