Novembro 28, 2020

the books that brought me here

Last week I told you about the series that made me want to learn Portuguese, but this was not the only reason that made me want […]
Novembro 28, 2020

What to do during weekends before 1 p.m. (covid´s rules)

Since a couple of weeks in Portugal  we were not able to go out of the house after 1 p.m. during weekends because of Covid. To […]
Novembro 21, 2020

The series that brought me here

Many times, we watch series and movies as something to spend time and entertain ourselves with and others as tools to practice a language that we […]
Novembro 21, 2020

Package from Poland

I have been here for more than 3 months. Although a lot has been going on for these months, only in recent weeks I started to […]
Novembro 14, 2020


  Since I am in Portugal, I was looking for things that are more or less stable. To move here for this volunteer project was a […]
Novembro 10, 2020

My first month here

It has been a month since this adventure began and I think it is a good time to analyze what it is being for me. I […]
Novembro 5, 2020

Future trips

Since I am here I was focused on travel a lot. During 9 months I should be able to see most things in Portugal that I […]
Novembro 3, 2020

Travel and new hobbies

It is always said that when you travel you come back with something more than what you left with, this can refer to something as literal […]
Outubro 30, 2020

About learning portuguese

Since a couple of weeks we have portuguese lessons in school and I must say although sometimes it is not easy to pronounce some words it […]