Janeiro 31, 2020

The westernmost of Europe

Greetings from the westernmost of Europe: Cabo do Roca! Even though I have been in a lot of different countries on my previous trips, all of […]
Janeiro 31, 2020


If you mention the winter for a Polish person, their imagination brings them some exact memories and images. Most of them include temperature below 0*, the […]
Janeiro 28, 2020

How manage your stress before starting an ESC.

Hello, world! I hope you’re okay! The question I’m highlighting today is “How to manage your stress before starting an EVS”. I know it’s stressful to […]
Janeiro 21, 2020


I am a big (not literaly :>) fan of sweets and I was extremaly happy when I got an information about the Chocolate Fest in Corroios. […]
Janeiro 18, 2020

Porto from a different perspective

As you know from Cisil’s previous post in last weekend  we were in Porto. I am enchanted by this city! It made a big impresion for […]
Janeiro 17, 2020


Hello everyone from one of the oldest European centres and the second largest city of Portugal, Porto. After Lisbon, Porto has been one of the places […]
Janeiro 14, 2020

Reasons to do an EVS.

                       I want to say hello to the world. So hello world! To introduce myself: I […]
Janeiro 9, 2020

All day out in Lisbon

I have been already in Lisbon, but I was not able to explore the whole city in every nook and cranny. Then, I decided to do […]
Janeiro 4, 2020

Anime ou seja a forma agradável de aprender uma nova língua

O anime faz parte da vida de muitos nós. Para alguns marcou especialmente a sua infância e, para outros, faz parte dos seus passatempos hoje em […]